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About Us


We Have 30+ Years Experience

Innovation, Excellence and Perfection

M/s Sandeep Steel Industries (“SSI”) was founded by Mr. Kashmiri Lal Agarwal in the 1980s. Ever since SSI has been a pioneer in providing high-quality steel with value-added services under one roof at competitive prices. Under the leadership and governance of Mr. Ashwin Agarwal, SSI has been able to seamlessly execute the demands of the customer thereby always striving for excellence.

SSI has not only kept with emerging innovative methods in the market but has also been a market leader in setting superior standards from time to time. Over the course of several decades, SSI has helped revolutionize the iron and steel industry through its world-class quality, innovation, and perfection.

SSI engages in the processing and trading of various iron and steel products and primarily operates from its head office located at Miyapur, Telangana. Furthermore, SSI caters to the needs of its customer by also providing a weighbridge with a capacity of over 80 tonnes that ensures accuracy. During the processing, SSI ensures that there is no wastage of the raw material provided by the customer.

Our Core Values


To ensure that paramount importance is given to the safety and well-being of our employees.


To provide top-quality products and services while catering to the needs of the customers.


To yield maximum output at minimum cost by utilizing the resources efficiently.


To always being the first to keep up with the emerging technologies and innovations available in the global market.


To carry on business by adopting a fair and transparent approach while catering to the needs of the customer.

Independent Thinking

To encourage creative and independent thinking within the organization and increasing efficiency through collaboration and teamwork.